Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Bit of Aqua

Learning to dress the way I would like to dress is actually rather fun.   I've been a SAHM for most of my adult life, before that I was in the Air Force which I spent in uniforms.  I never really put too much thought into my clothes, aside from my Magnolia Pearl phase I've grown out of.
So, here I am entering a new phase of my life. Even though my children are grown I spend my days chasing after my 15 month old grandbaby as well as a flock (10 to be exact) of chickens in our backyard.  It can be a bit of a challenge finding nice outfits that are baby/chicken proof.  Not to mention I'm a pro at spilling things on myself if I'm wearing something nice. I found this pretty blouse at Penney's and fell in love with the color!  I'm telling ya' if you went through my closet a month ago you would have found mostly white skirts and a lot of lace.  Adding color is a fashion challenge for me along with finding a palette that suits my skin and hair. I'm discovering I like to keep things simple, and not have too much in the way of pattern.  Maybe the occasional stripes or a  floral.
Top half
and here is the bottom, at least what I could get of it!
 Speaking of hair... 
Most of the time, at least in this humidity I wear my hair up. It is really coming in gray now, actually white.  I'm cool with that.   I was thinking of getting it cut short,  but I think I'll hang on to it a bit longer. Maybe I'll try bangs and have a good trim!
Pretty new nail polish for fingers and toes.
I'm not wearing this necklace in the photo, but I did just order it ~ it's my birthday month after all! Not exactly something to wear around the baby since he is in the grab everything phase.  But on  weekend, yes.
By the way, I've had lots of wonderful comments.  Thank you all so much for the warm welcome.  A couple said I reminded them of Helen Mirren!!  Wow!  Thank you, I think she is just lovely, so to be compared to her made my day.
Blouse and shorts ~ JC Penney
Necklace ~ Betsey Johnson Macy's

Monday, August 12, 2013

My Style

Ah, my first grown-up purse in forever.  I've been carrying around small bags forever but I finally decided to go a bit bigger and I love this satchel style.  I can fit everything I need plus whatever my hubby wants me to "stick in my purse."
 I just bought this coat. Nice neutral color and it's lace. It's lightweight which is about as heavy a coat I need for South Mississippi. Yes, it really is pretty, sorry for the fuzzy photo.

Coat (on sale) from Macy's

I'm guilty of loving lace and frou-frou.  I am trying to take it down a notch, but I still want to be true to myself and be happy.
Now for a reality check.  Just me about to take my morning walk in my "stunning" workout clothes.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

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A New Me

Hi everyone! I'm starting this little blog in hopes of jump starting my much-needed fashion makeover. I love clothes and have a tendency towards lace and pink, but I'm trying to expand my horizons while still keeping that romantic touch.
I'm linking up with Patti from Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday.
  I know this is a really plain outfit ~ pink tee and a gray maxi skirt.  The last few years I've been going through a lace and frills phase, so  this is such a refreshing change. I have a birthday coming up this month and I decided to celebrate with a new look.  I'm also celebrating the fact that I'm officially in menopause ~ yep, it's now been over a year since my last visitor and aside from the hot flashes I couldn't be happier.
Love my leopard flats!
I have to figure out how to get better pictures.  All I have is a rinky~dink camera, and  myself to take photos.

Ralph Lauren Tee
Gray Maxi skirt ~ Walmart
 Lucky Brand Shoes Emmie Flats